Hello world! Welcome to a new era !


Avello Publishing is a fresh alternative to the large, face-less U.K trade book publishers. It dares to be slightly more progressive by embracing the digital revolution and taking as one of its flag – ship starting points a journal to inspire young minds. We encourage book proposals and manuscripts that contain material sourced from rare or out – of – print texts, alongside a broad spectrum of theoretical articles and non – theoretical column posts.

Avello Publishing is very diverse in its manifesto and wishes authors to seek new territory to expand their discipline or genre. A new literary culture and heritage is on the horizon and we intend to shape the future. Let us change the course of history, by collaborating with Avello Publishing, a new publishing house which focuses on providing a platform for:

  • Scholarly, academic disciplines in journal article or book review form. This includes both Doctoral and under-graduate research, essays and book chapters.
  • Column writing space is available for political satire or general humour.
  •   Interviews, information, news, debate and discussion in the art world.   Submissions are welcome from fine artists, independent curators, auction – house employees, graffiti artists, gallerists, graphic designers, fashion graduates and / or art collectors.
  •  Music industry criticism.  Submissions are welcome from the studio engineers, tour managers, booking agents, videographers, animators, choreographers, technicians, script writers, A & R executives, photographers and press relations administrators behind the scenes.