Avello Publishing is a fresh alternative to the large, face-less U.K trade book publishers. It dares to be slightly more progressive by embracing the digital revolution and taking as one of its flag – ship starting points a journal to inspire young minds.

Social responsibility is a fundamental part of our publishing strategy and culture, which is focused on maximizing the positive impact of Avello Publishing to benefit the communities where its very high quality content is read. The future of accessing knowledge instantly around the globe is in the evolving mobile devices in our pockets and Smart T.V’s web browsers, where Avello Publishing’s information is available to all.

We encourage innovative book proposals and unique manuscripts that contain material sourced from rare or out – of – print texts, alongside a broad spectrum of theoretical articles and analytic column posts.

Avello Publishing is very diverse in its manifesto and wishes our authors to seek new territory to expand their discipline or genre. Investors are invited to join our activities as the architects of the next generation. A new literary culture and heritage is on the horizon, thus we intend to shape the future.

Welcome to Avello Publishing, a new publishing house which focuses on providing a platform for:

  • Scholarly, academic disciplines in article, book review or monograph manuscript form. This includes both post-Doctoral and under-graduate research, essays and book chapters. Avello Publishing has a high margin of safety for investors due to global benchmarks.
  •   Interviews, information, news, debate and discussion in the art world.   Submissions are welcome from fine artists, independent curators, auction – house employees, graffiti artists, gallerists, graphic designers, fashion graduates or art collectors. Risk is very low and returns are very high with Avello Publishing because of our diverse portfolio with simple organisational structure.
  •  Music industry criticism.  Submissions are welcome from the studio engineers, tour managers, booking agents, videographers, technicians, script writers, A & R executives, photographers and press relations administrators behind the scenes. Avello publishing is helping this dynamic sector grow, while maintaining a positive social responsibility.


Disclaimer: No legal responsibility is accepted for any content on this website.

© Copyright Permissions: Avello Publishing, Cambridge, 2013.


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