Please send an abstract of 200 words of any articles that you may wish to have considered for publication to A review will take place if the abstract is accepted.

For book proposals, send a typescript of two or three chapters, a synopsis and abstracts for each chapter to A commisioning process will take place if the proposal is accepted.

Special issues

Avello Publishing also accepts proposals for special issues of edited volumes on specific relevant topics or philosophical problems. A detailed proposal is to be made to the editor of the journal, including a brief description of the topic, and why it is relevant, information about the editor or editors of the special issue, and of the contributors. The proposal should also contain an abstract or summary of the papers to be included. The editors of the special number of the journal must guarantee that the papers included are suitably refereed. The editorial committee has the final word on the acceptance of the included articles.

Book reviews

We welcome proposals for reviews of recent books.

Editorial Policies

All Board members and referees who review a manuscript remain unknown to the authors. They are instructed to exclude themselves from review of any manuscript that might involve a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof. The primary criteria for judging the acceptability of a manuscript are its originality and scientific importance. Manuscripts judged lacking in these respects will be declined. Manuscripts may be declined without a full review if they are clearly inconsistent with our ethical policies. Bar graphs and scatter plots (X,Y plots) should include error bars, and the meaning of the error bars should be defined in the text. Plots that include lines that represent fits of experimental data must be accompanied by the equation used to calculate the fit, the values of the fit parameters, and statistics that characterize the quality of the fit. As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to the Avello Publishing Journal. Authors may later publish their work elsewhere along as permission is obtained from the Editor-in-Chief, Jason Wakefield and the Avello Publishing Journal features in the later book’s acknowledgments or permissions section.

Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur in the submission and that the final version has been seen and approved by all authors. Corporate authorship is not accepted. Allegations of fraud or misconduct – be they violations of the standard norms for publishing original research, publication without approval of all authors, plagiarism, republication of data used previously without acknowledgement, or inappropriate graphics manipulation – will be investigated and prosecuted thoroughly. Authors of papers published in the Avello Publishing Journal are obligated to honor any reasonable request by qualified investigators to review information described in the paper. If computer software programs are developed and used in submitted manuscripts, the programs must be made available to the reviewer upon request. The source code or the program must be made available from the authors, if the manuscript is accepted for publication. The Editors may deny further publication rights in the journal to authors unwilling to abide by these principles. Reuse of any articles or any of the figures or charts within the articles must use the correct citation of the Avello Publishing Journal as the original source.



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